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Use this area to call out your most important initiatives and mission-focused content.

Our Mission

Describe your purpose and promise to your supporters in one or two sentences. Keep your statements direct and emotional. Tell the audiences how they have been/can be part of your mission.

Our Impact

dollars in the past year toward our mission
families locally thanks to your support
local organizations through partnerships

Featured Campaigns

Feature your campaigns created with Blackbaud Peer-to-Peer, powered by JustGiving.

Featured Event

This is your space to feature an upcoming or past event, a campaign or a success story. Use your best imagery that will help your audiences connect with your cause on an emotional level. Draft a short description that communicates impact. Make sure to have a call to action underneath that will help you achieve your goal for this section.


Fundraisers Leaderboard

Showcase your fundraisers leaderboard from Blackbaud Peer-to-Peer, powered by JustGiving.

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Display your latest Blog articles created directly in the BBWP admin interface.

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